Maximize Your Modern Sporting Rifle With SRC 25-45 Sharps

The 25-45 SHARPS cartridge was developed by SRC to maximize the performance of the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) platform. With a greater muzzle velocity and harder hitting 70 grain(BlitzKing), 87 grain(HotCore), 87 grain(FMJ) and 100 grain(Dead Tough) bullets, it’s performance surpasses the .223 REM/5.56 NATO. The 25-45 SHARPS is compatible with existing .223/5.56 bolt carrier groups and magazines available for the MSR platform. Replacing the .223/5.56 chambered barrel is the only adjustment needed to take advantage of the 25-45 SHARPS superior ballistics capabilities, thus creating a flexible and versatile rifle with superior performance. This allows the hunter to increase his MSR’s performance by switching to the 25-45 SHARPS without any additional rifle reconfiguration, making this not only the ultimate hunting cartridge for the platform, but also the solution for several Military and LE needs. The effectiveness of the 25-45 SHARPS cartridge has already been extensively tested in the field. Function and reliability are the new standard with the 25-45 SHARPS.

 Maximum Cartridge/Minimum Chamber

  • The 25-45 SHARPS packs a lot more punch with a little more kick <10%.
  • Flies flat as a varmint round and hits hard like a brush cartridge.
  • Proven on Antelope, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion and Boar.
  • An 87 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3000 fps produces more than 1700 foot pounds of energy.


  • Transform your MSR with SRC 25-45 SHARPS rifle cartridges.
  • The 25-45 SHARPS is 100% compatible with all .223/5.56 magazines, buffers, bolts and other components; a simple barrel change is all that is needed.
  • Makes any MSR legal for big game hunting in all states where centerfire rifle hunting is permitted.