Jay Johnston

Sharps Rifle Company  – Chairman/CEO

The opportunity to acquire and re-invent an iconic firearms brand is not an everyday occurrence on Wall Street.

For Jay Johnston, a 30 plus year veteran of “the Street”, when that situation presented itself, the temptation was too great to pass.

“The chance to help the Sharps Rifle Company (SRC) legacy evolve into another century is exciting, and full of challenges.Sharps Rifle Company, Inc.

Not only does is make good business sense, it is a lot of fun”, noted Johnston, Chairman and CEO of SRC.

Before tackling the SRC challenge, Jay spent his career dealing with the intricacies of corporate finance.

He founded ARCO Capital Management LLC. and serves as Chairman and CEO since its formation. Prior to that Jay served as an executive in various capacities with several financial service firms including: Gramercy Advisors, Deutsche Bank Securities,

Lehman Brothers, ING, and Dean Witter Reynolds.

An avid hunter, shooter and horseman, Jay enjoys the lifestyle associated with the firearms industry.

“Living in Wyoming gives me a valuable perspective of what our customers need. Our job is to stay focused on those needs by developing products that are market driven”, Johnston said.

Jay received a finance degree from the University of Florida.