Jay Lesser

Sharps Rifle Company  РPresident
Jay Lesser

When Jay Lesser was a youngster he never dreamed that his love of the outdoors would lead to a professional career in the gun industry. Jay Lesser is a lucky guy. He is also the President of Sharps Rifle Company, (SRC) headquartered in his boyhood home town of Glenrock, Wyoming.

Jay’s path to his current position creates a certain degree of envy from sportsmen who dreamed of a vocation that combines business acumen with their love for hunting and shooting. Jay Lesser just may be at the top of his class in that regard.

Jay’s love for guns leads him to a formal gunsmith education at the Colorado School of Trades. Learning how guns work and how to repair them lead to designing and building guns and Jay’s first business, Jay A. Lesser-Gunmaker Inc.

Just like Jay’s love of firearms brought him to building guns, his passion for hunting lead him to the guide and outfitter business.

Wyoming Professional Hunters LTD. was founded by Jay in 1992 and grew to be one of the most prominent guide/outfitter companies in the West. Those long days hunting in the Rocky Mountains gave Jay plenty of time to conjure up new firearm design concepts. He landed a position as Vice President/General Manager of A-Square Company, the venerable custom big game rifle company. That position ultimately led him to the job he holds today.

“The term, five -tool player is commonly used in baseball. Jay Lesser, is without question a five-tool player in the firearms business.

Very few executives in our business understand design, engineering, manufacturing and consumer use issues to the degree Jay does. We are fortunate to have Jay’s leadership in our company”, said Jay Johnston, CEO of SRC.

While focused on firearm industry manufacturing, Jay keeps connected to the professional hunting business.

He is a longtime member of Dallas Safari Club and was a member of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association and The Alaska Kodiak Guides Association. Jay remains involved with everyday hunters by continuing to serve as an official trophy measurer for Boone and Crockett Records Book and as a member of the Wyoming Professional Guides and Outfitters Association.

“I guess you could say I’m living the dream. One thing I’ve learned in the gun business, is that it still comes down to hard work to create success. The opportunity to work hard and develop innovative products for our industry is just as exciting as seeing my first hunting client tag out. “Lesser noted with a smile.