Bolt Carrier Group commonly asked questions:

Question: When developing the BBC why didn’t you address the designs of the gas key and the firing pin retaining pin?

Answer: We experimented with attaching a new gas key in a unique way as well as a radically different firing pin retention system but at the urging of our Professional users we chose to stay with standard Mil Spec components to simplify battlefield repairs and to simplify maintenance by the civilian MSR enthusiast.

Question: Does the Sharps BBC weigh less or more than a standard Mil Spec bolt carrier?

Answer: It weighs the same as a standard Mil Spec bolt carrier.

Question: Why didn’t you lighten it and make a low mass bolt carrier?

Answer: Maintaining the weight is necessary to achieving the balancing effect and because the BBC runs within the upper receiver and receiver extension in a straighter line it runs more smoothly resulting in faster sight recovery times while at the same time ensuring the inertia required to seat a dented or dirty round in the chamber.

Question: Does the BBC work in the M16?

Answer: Yes, the BBC has the full-length shroud for tripping auto and burst-fire sears, so the BBC may be installed in full-auto law enforcement, military and NFA approved rifles.