Reloading Data Sheet


This reloading data sheet is intended to be used as a reference. Each individual handloader must determine what is the best and safest load for their equipment. The loads described in this reloading data sheet were generated at the ballistics test facilities of Sharps Rifle Company in accordance with SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Institute) guidelines. All loads are fired through test barrels and individual results fired through different firearms may vary. The handloader is cautioned to read and follow safe reloading practices such as those outlined in the NRA Guide to Reloading before attempting to reload any cartridge.


Sharps Rifle Company has developed this reloading data sheet to provide the handloader with current data for reloading 25-45 Sharps. This reloading data sheet is not intended to be a reloading textbook, but rather a list of recommended loads and bullets. Sharps Rifle Company has no control over the actual reloading procedures and methods being used, or the condition or choice of firearms and components used, no responsibility for the use of this data is implied or assumed. The buyer/user assumes full responsibility, risk, and liabilities for all injuries (including death), damages, and/or losses to persons or properties resulting from the use / misuse of this product. It is important to remember that equipment variations, different reloading techniques, as well as component variations will most likely yield slightly different ballistics data. With this in mind, it is imperative that you do not exceed the maximum charge recommendations in this reloading data sheet and that you always start loading with the minimum powder charges in the loads illustrated.

Download theĀ 25-45 Sharps Reloading Data Here