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  1. Received the Relia Bolt & am 100% satisfied with it & paid a great price for it. Thanks will be doing more business with you all soon. JC

  2. Having built many MSR’s the one thing that I always do is MP3 coat all of my BCG’s and have found that since doing so I have not had any problems with failures in feeding and function. Also cleaning is a breeze. What you have done is not only taken a step out of the process for me ( waiting for Robar to complete the process) but also added a remarkable bolt. All of my AR builds will include your BCG from now on as long as your prices stay reasonable. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see your next innovation.

  3. I got the Relia- bolt a few months back. Ordered a bolt carrier and got it yesterday. Assembled it and shot it today, Put 300 rounds through it without any problem. Clean up was easy and needless to say was very happy. Bolt machining was flawless and there was no discoloration like a NIB bolt. Many thanks will be buying more for my other AR’s.

  4. I ran 1700 rounds through my Relia Bolt equipped 10.5″ SBR during a 5 day Utah POST Patrol Rifle Instructor Course. We spent 2 days in the windy dusty desert west of Utah Lake at The F.A.R.M, 1 day at Camp Williams at the Ivan Range and 2 days at the POST indoors range. We did a lot of prone shooting and my rifle got about as dirty as it had ever been. I did not clean my rifle once during the 5 days and had ZERO malfunctions. When I did clean the rifle after the course, the Relia Bolt cleaned up easily and looked almost new. I wish the rest of my rifle would have cleaned up as easily! This, and a Balanced Bolt Carrier I just got, will be the bolt and carrier in my patrol rifle that I will trust my life to as a police officer.

  5. Was apprehensive at first about paying this much for a bcg, however after recieving one and seeing how well it was put together, I would purchase another one if I had to. I would recommend this bcg to any and everyone that is building their own rifle.

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for the fast turnaround, thanks Viki for the fantastic service.
    Bolt kept working after 250 rounds with a silencer 556 cleaned right up.
    Thanks John United States Airforce K-9 Sgt

  7. I’ve just received the blemished 25/45 ammo I just ordered. It takes a lot of searching to find any blemish. It’s hard to believe the service and shipping I received. I stayed with the free shipping and still had my order in 4 days, well done. This is not the first order I’ve placed with SRC and you have set the standard high for anyone to follow. Thanks

  8. I recently purchased a complete upper assembly to finish my “build”. Great choice ! After 30 shots of 87 gr Sharps, I took it out to 300 yds. .3 moa vertical spread with .5 horizontal (gusty wind at 90 degrees). Better than my wildest dreams, and I’m confident I will close that group with more time on the rifle.

    Thanks for a great rifle!!

  9. I wanted a night coyote calling rifle. The 223 with 55gr tipped bullets I was using worked quite often, but about a third of the time a solid hit still let a coyote run off. Recovering a coyote at night can be very difficult. A 22-250 works but often ruins the pelt. The 25×45 Sharps has done what I was after! This night season I shot 12 coyotes at ranges from 60 to 200 + yards. ALL 12 went down and stayed down. This included 2 that were gut shot on the run. There pelt damage was nonexistent! 2 were shot with 90 gr HPBT, the other with 75 gr V-Max. The other item I found while load development was that all different loads and bullet weights would land within about an inch or less from each other on the target! I have had very few rifles that would ever accomplish this. I also wanted a rifle that would allow me to hog hunt. The 90 gr bullet should work for this. After the first season of use, I could not be more pleased with this project!!! I have not quite been able to reach the listed velocity, but I can’t argue with the results that I have seen. More load development may bump velocity a bit, but if it doesn’t, I’m still more than satisfied with this project!! Thanks Sharps Rifle Company!!

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